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Dr. Claudio Cameselle is a Professor at the University of Vigo. He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field of chemical and environmental engineering.

He taught courses in chemical engineering (chemical reactors, catalysis and industrial processes) but nowadays he is teaching several courses in environmental science and technology for undergraduate and master students in the School of Industrial Engineering. He coordinated the Master in Industrial Pollution: Assessment, Prevention and Control (2012-2017). He published several book chapters and conference proceedings about teaching and teaching innovation.

His research expertise includes: (a) environmental remediation of soils, sediments and groundwater; and (b) engineering applications for waste/recycled materials. His research is leading to practical solutions to the real-world problems.

More specifically, his recent activity has focused on:

  • Electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soils
  • Development of coupled technologies for soil remediation
  • Phytotechnologies for the restoration of degraded sites
  • Advanced treatment processes for industrial effluents
  • Treatment and valorization of industrial wastes
  • Sustainable engineering

Mailing Address

University of Vigo. Department of Chemical Engineering.
Rua Maxwell s/n. Edificio Fundicion. 36310 – Vigo. Spain.

Contact Information

phone: (+34) 986 812 318    fax: (+34) 986 812 201
lab phone: (+34) 986 130 285
cell: (+34) 647343286
e-mail: claudio@uvigo.es